Monday, 10 January 2011

slight revision

after speaking to dan in college before christmas of the new story he suggested beginning the film with the ending to cut out a lot of work on the intro. at first i was worried that this would confuse the audience and i was also unsure about losing the beginning that i had crafted. after some consideration and lack of an idea to finish the film i went back and considered dans technique.

it works.
now the character begins the film having already won the photography competition and we re-live the story through the kids eyes.

- the kid runs onto the pontoon excited clutching a newspaper he sits down at the edge of the pontoon and begins to read amazed at what he sees.
- a 2 page spread devoted to him. a huge picture of him holding a trophy on the one page with a descriptive text and the winning photo on the other.
- the text fades in transition to the kid swimming in the ocean approaching the massive ice berg.

i believe that this beginning benefits the film greatly as it shows the audience how the story will play out and then we begin to piece together the epic tale of how he got his photo.

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