Monday, 10 January 2011

the Kraken

so here is my initial development work for the kraken.
the mood board shows the general feel and attitude for the character whilst also linking it to real sea creatures big and small. when I personally design characters i think of the outlandish first but then try and contextualize that character in our own world so it does not seem too far fetched for the audience and thus with an animated film i can hopefully imbue the characters with some believability and reality.

with the silhouettes of the kraken i wanted to have something slightly different from the norm whilst also remembering fahrans fear of squiddy tentacle creatures. i have personally decided upon my final design for the character and im now working towards a dramatic concept to show the character in action my next step will be producing the model sheet for it. i am extremely happy with the design and fell that it fits not only the film but the world i have created.

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