Monday, 10 January 2011

where are we now and where are we headed

currently i have completed the script and storyboard the main character has been designed and i am modelling him at present. the exterior of the iceberg has been modelled and textured by carlos we have an array of lighting examples for the film put forward by keith. the kids submarine has been modelled and textured although i wish to tweak it slightly. we have some great examples of animation from mel to show the movement of the character. the eel has been modelled and textured by fahran and looks great, with clym working on the rig for it again it looks great.
ben has been doing a great job of scheduling and did a great presentation. that was last term .

this term i wish to begin production as soon as we are able. with dissertations looming this will be a very hard target but i believe we must begin production as soon as possible just to get the team rolling. so i am currently nearly finished with a rough animatic which i will pass to emma to fill in with some more detail to help out with the animation and timing. with my rough animatic i wish to complete a rough sound pass to pass to the sound guy Dave so we can get the sound effects going as well.

-pontoon needs to be built with a matte painting aswell.
-interior of ice berg needs building and texturing.
-baby eel needs finalising and building/ rigging
-kraken needs building texturing and rigging

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