Wednesday, 22 December 2010


1.EXT. Pontoon

low angle push track and slow pan along the pontoon and up to child sitting on a crate.
The child has his back to us as he looks out over the water he Is lazily fishing whilst eating an apple and reading a newspaper. Shot begins with kid on left and ends with kid on right side of frame.

2.EXT. Pontoon

Cut to the front of character he dominates the right side of frame as he takes a bite out of his apple, more interested in his apple and newspaper than the fishing rod.
Behind the kid we see an out of focus sail from his submarine.

3.EXT. Pontoon

POV of Kid-
Close shot of the newspaper the kid is reading left side shows an article warning of a terrible monster that lurks in the Deep, the monster attacks without warning and will kill you. There is no hope and it must be killed.
The kid is suddenly attracted to the opposite page which is a full page advert for a photography competition.
1st prize – brand new camera and job as the papers photographer
2nd prize – money
3rd prize – crappy toy

4.EXT. Pontoon

close shot of the kids “wow” reaction to the competition

5.EXT. Water

Intercut the wow reaction with a close up of the kids fishing line. He has a bite but is more interested in the newspaper, so he ignores.

6.EXT. Pontoon

kid is already walking away from his perch, he has barely reeled in his rod and discards his apple over his shoulder and into the water.
The kid proceeds from right to left and out of frame towards his submarine.

7.EXT. Water

low angle shot looking back at pontoon as the kid throws his apple in the air it lands right in front of the camera then floats past camera follows as we turn 180 degrees the weather and sky change sounds change and we now look at an ice berg afloat in the ocean.
The apple is promptly pulled down into the water fade to titles.

8.EXT. Ocean

flash of white over titles fade into pov of a stunned fish.
The fish has just been photographed by the kid and his view is disorientated.
We can see the kid in his diving gear holding a camera as he swims off.

9.EXT. Ocean

stunned fish floats limply in the water then pops back to its normal swimming position as normal. (fish are dumb)

10.EXT. Ocean

kid swims in a barrel roll as a school of fish swim above him in an arc. As he is on his back he takes a photo and the fish scatter.

11.EXT. Ocean

OTS Kid right side dominant.

After his roll the kid now sees an iceberg, the underwater half, and swims towards it transfixed.

12.EXT. Ocean

wide angle of kid at the cave entrance, he is dwarfed by its enormity.

13.EXT. Ocean

close shot of the kids face as he looks up at the giant entrance.
Fog on inside of his helmet.

14.EXT. Ocean

back to 12 wide angle shot the kid musters his courage and enters the ice cave.

15.INT. Ice Cave

wide angle of the interior of the ice cave, greens and blues as the light refracts and diffuses through the ice. The kid swims from left to right diagonally down.

16.INT. Ice Cave

kid swims diagonally on Z axis away from the camera and towards a pale white glowing chamber in the cave.

17.INT. Ice Cave

camera track and pan around the chamber entrance, at the speed of the kid, to reveal a giant sleeping conger eel. The glow is emanating from the eel itself.

18.INT. Ice Cave

close up of the kids face in aww at the sight of the sleeping beast.

19.INT. Ice Cave

kid swims diagonally down toward bottom right of frame approaching on the z axis toward the camera. Fade to 20.

20.INT. Ice Cave

kid is now an arms length from the eel's head he reaches for his camera and slowly takes a photograph. Large white flash.

21.INT. Ice Cave

close shot of the Eel's eye as it snaps open and the pupil dilates from the flash. The eel's markings change from white to orange.

22.INT. Ice Cave

Close shot of the kid as he realises he is in danger.

23.INT. Ice Cave

the kid franticly swims backwards as the eel begins to rear.
Pure terror on the kids face as he turns.

24.INT. Ice Cave

Long shot
kid swims up from right to left towards camera.
Eel swoops in a great arc from its sleeping place up round and near to the kid the kid dodges at the last minute as the eel continues her momentum.

25.INT. Ice Cave

Kid swims to a stop and surveys his surroundings.

26.INT. Ice Cave

POV of Kid looking around.
Kid looks left to right at his environment then to the eel looming in the higher parts of the cavern. He spots a crack on the other side of the chamber and swims for it.

27.INT. Ice Cave

close up showing kids determination.

28.INT. Ice Cave

kid swims into the crack just in time the eel charges down and misses the kid by a fraction. The eel's momentum causes her to slam into the cave floor. Stunning her.

29.INT. Ice Cave

low angle shot looking at the cave ceiling as three stalactite/icicles break from the roof due to the commotion.

30.INT. Ice Cave

Icicle impales the Eel's flipper pinning it to the cave floor.
The Eel tries to get free but cant

31.INT. Ice Cave

kid seizes his opportunity and fleas the scene.

32.INT. Ice Cave

kid swimming up towards camera then we hear a small cry. Child like.
The kid stops and turns to witness a baby eel trying to free its mother but it is impossible. At the sight of this the kid turns to help.

33.INT. Ice Cave

the kid swims back down from left to right and past the Eels head.

34.INT. Ice Cave

kid struggles to lift the icicle, struggles … and then it dislodges.

35.INT. Ice Cave

close shot of the Eel as she lets out a small cry.

36.INT. Ice Cave

shot of the icicle falling the ground showing the freed eel.

37.INT. Ice Cave

Kid is now face to face with the mother eel. He raises his hand to touch her face.
An Almighty ROAR that shakes the cavern.

The kid turns to see what it is fear etched on his face. The mother eel calls to her child to hide.

38.INT. Ice Cave

The Eel gestures to the kid to get on its head.
The kid does so slowly and cautiously.
As soon as the kid is on top the Eel blasts off.

39.INT. Ice Cave

kid slides down the eel to where the sail fin begins he holds on and enjoys the ride.

40.INT. Ice Cave

wide angle shot
the eel blasts through the cave and out into the ocean speed is of the essence.

41.EXT. Ocean

a huge tentacle slaps the side of the iceberg.

42.EXT. Ocean

the kid turns back at the sound of the tentacle. Fear changes to determination.

43.EXT. Ocean

the kid turns and reaches for his camera

44.EXT. Ocean

black space in the watery void #flash# of the camera illuminates a hulking kraken. Which turns at the sight of the light.

45.EXT. Ocean

the eel delivers the kid back to his submarine. Dismounts on the top of his submarine.

46.EXT. Ocean

the eel is looking away from the kid back to the deep, she turns to the kid and nods.

47.EXT. Ocean
the kid standing tall on top of his submarine nods his appreciation and success then slides down inside his submarine.

48.EXT. Pontoon

the kid runs up and opens the paper he is beaming and the audience is able to see the proof of his win through the front page which displays the kid winning a trophy and then next to it the winning photo, that of the kraken.

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