Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Deep submarine

design stages for the submarine, now that the film is underwater i need to have a memorable and iconic landmark that fits in with the environment but isn't too blatant.
i have designed it to fit in with the older classical wooden and bulbous subs but also included fish in the design process not only does this make it more believable, waterwise, but also adds a stylistic choice.

The Deep character sheet

progressed designs for the Kid, no name as yet or perhaps his name should be "the kid". he is an ambiguous character as far as age, hes a fisherman who wishes to be a space explorer. his parents live on the mainland and he fishes for a week at a time. he fishes to feed his family and make some money through sales. he is adventurous but cautious and scared of death.

i like the design so far as it is simple but very appealing, the only puzzle i have left is his helmet for diving as i dont want to obscure his face.

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