Thursday, 2 December 2010


i am so happy with the renders that i have produced. both exterior and interior were rendered with an occlusion, full light and ambient layer then composited in photoshop to produce the images.
im particularly pleased with the lighting and the appearance of the submarine in the exterior shot as i believe it looks like it is underwater.


here are the current concepts i have produced the underwater sub is more of a target render for my trailer but also includes the net and glow lamps used for attracting fish. the character is current but im still not happy about the helmet too contemporary.

sub model

here are the finished interior and exterior models (2 seperate files) took around a week to complete both with textures as well.

i am extremely pleased with bot models, especially with the tight time frame as pitches are coming close, if i had longer i would refine some of the interior models as they are very basic and very low poly.

i have managed to get away with absolutely no bump mapping in this as i feel i dont have the time and that it might not make a huge difference.

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