Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gravity dynamics tests

so after what dan had said i thought about the situation and went online for tutorials, unable to find anything helpful i remembered the use of soft and rigid bodies with an implied gravity field to create a physics based bouncing ball.

i thought of tweeking the gravity options to lower gravity and make the atmosphere thick like water.

tests show the results

these tests show that the dynamics could work and it diffuses the issue of objects passing through each other BUT, in doing so the objects are unable to be animated so the finished product would look fake and stilted, there is very little control over the objects. also when there are multiple objects with dynamics applied maya lags in playback due to the amount of computing, but the render is relatively quick.

so after the tests i have come to the conclusion that dynamics would not be the way forward and that the net of fish has to be struck from the script in order for the film to appear good and finite
hows things going
things are all good, my team is working well and creatively i am particularly impressed with fahrans ability to produce a high quality of work very quickly. the rest of the team is functioning well together and production is moving smoothly

i personally have been working on the script and colour script.

we had a meeting with dan the other day which raised the attention of the fish inside the net and how this needed to be tested and addressed early in order for the film to work.

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