Thursday, 2 December 2010

More concepts

the sub interior was done very roughly so i had a colour palette and rough idea of space and furnishing. the penguin is still in early stages but im stuck with a cute round headed design which i want to push away from.
as for the underwater one i found it was very easy to represent an underwater environment without having to clutter the scene. a simple blue to black gradient will do as i am seeking space and lots of it, vacant dark empty space

Deep trailer boards

the storyboards here very rough and scribbled over whilst making i think it looks quite cool though and adds character to the boards themselves. as far as accuracy there were only a couple of things i changed and they were to do with render times.

The Deep trailer

i have decided that i shall do a trailer for my pitch, this will greatly help my story as i will be able to represent filmic style, rendering, mood, lighting, soundfx, and possible music.

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