Wednesday, 22 December 2010

presentation after thoughts

ok so the presentation itself was great ben has did a great job putting it all together for me.

the presentation was nicely arranged but concise and gave an opportunity for all group members to have their say.

reaction to the animatic was not what i wanted. for a start there was no sound in the animatic as i literally finished it the night before, so i narrated everything.
there was absolutely no reaction from the audience at all which tells me as a director that there is a lot wrong with the film. i take on board the criticisms of mike and dave, mainly being that the plot was confusing with too much in the light of back story, i.e. the kids father being dead did not work and didnt actually add to the narrative so that will be reconsidered.

i was dissappointed that the animatic did not work but at the same time i am glad that i kow where to improve.

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