Thursday, 2 December 2010

initial story ideas

sky revisit 4

- twist on the very original story featuring the behemoth not the freighter

- when they reach the behemoth the lead plunges his dagger into its head.
- the beast turns its head and laughs then takes the lead for a ride!
- shocked that he is not phased the lead holds on for life.
- after being flung around for a while he manages to connect a rope to his dagger and digs his heels in to steer the beast -- how to train ur dragon ref.
- he directs it at first away from a cliff wall but the beast clips its wing causing it to fall.
- the lead seizes his opportunity to steer the beast away from the cliff then around head first.
- the beast smacks straight into it and plummets.
- the beast hits the ground dead.
- slowly followed by a parachuting lead.
- front newspaper spread to finish.

sky revisit 3

- same intro as original....
- fly up to the top of the freighter in chase of the bird when the companion falls into the freighter.
- lead decides to stop following the legendary bird and find his companion.
- ship is dark and reminiscent of ALIEN.
*skeleton crew of 4 people on a huge ship.
- spooky - creeping along corridors with weird noises made by the ship * bird screeches*
- continues through the corridors to find his companion frozen in shock.
- lead runs forward to greet his friend when he realises what he was shocked by.
- the ship is powered by the aura of a legendary bird, draining his life force.
- they disconnect the bird which in turn causes the power to drain from the ship.
- they flea to their vehicle on top of the freighter, which is now falling from the sky, the bird is now reunited with his family hence the presence of the other legendary bird to begin with.

sky revisit 2

- EST shots of vehicle
- extreme close ups of parts, i.e. bird cages , nets
- close up of pocket watch with picture of family in it.
- zoom out to show entire vehicle and character.
- freighter ship chugs black smoke so they fly above it.
- lead character realises that his pet didn't make it so goes back to look for him.
- he spots the colourful balloons of his pets aircraft vanishing into the smoke below him.
- he pursues to find a floating plateau of land and his companions vessel, abandoned.
- he begins to track him down.

Love rough boards

love/fear rough character sketches

rough character sketches for LOVE/FEAR

Love/Fear the story

- girl is playing tea party with teddy who is alive and moving.
- enjoying the surroundings, giggling and laughing.
- a black crow comes and lands at their party
- the girl reaches for teddy as it jumps towards her.
- as the crow lands it transforms into a figure.
- the figure reaches forwards towards teddy.
- the girl leans forward and screams in the figures face.
- the figure screams back.
- thus the girl and teddy equally terrified run away from the figuree.
- the figure gives chase

- the figure punches the ground - his fist passes through the ground and re-appears in ffront of the girl.
- he grabs hold of her leg causing her to fall and drop teddy.
- the figure runs over and picks up teddy, turns around and sits down .
- the figure proceeds to stroke the teddy with one long finger.
* smack a tea cup bounces off of the figures head.
- the girl is annoyed and wants teddy back.
- figure lets out a short sharp screech and runs away.

- the girl is in pursuit of teddy, running as fast as she can.
- the figure comes to a low wall, beyond is nothing.
- the figure turns back to see the girl gaining and close.
- the figure jumps off of the wall and turns back into a crow, larger this time though.
- the girl is shocked and cries as she runs but doesn't stop.
- she bolts off the wall and flies through the air.
- she manages to grab hold of teddies leg
- this causes the figure to release teddy

- the girl is reunited with teddy and curls into a ball with him
- they fall through white space
- the figure calls out and flies down but is too slow
- the girl falls and smiles knowing that she is with her teddy

- they hit the ground and explode into a cloud of glittering dust shimmering in the light.
- scene fades to reveal the girl is asleep in her cot.
- she lies in the same position as she fell, clasping her teddy
- smiling a tear rolls down her cheek and onto her pillow.


if you love something enough you can let it go

or can you?

a girl has her bear taken from her and she must get it back --- whatever the cost.

sky the story

- begins outside the house with lead character mounting the machine.
- takes off.
- begins catching birds. with the help of his monkey.
- shadow is cast over the character in the sky. causes monkey to miss a bird.
- shadow is cast by a freighter chugging black smoke.
- lead character shows his disgust, but then he notices a sparkle at the top of the freighter.
- looks closer with his binoculars.
- to his shock and amazement it is a rare much larger bird- comparative to a phoenix.
- Lead character instantly spins his craft round in pursuit of the bird.
- in pursuit he pulls a lever that transforms his airship - fold out wings and engines .
- the bird realises and flies in the opposite direction and lead character follows- leaving the freighter behind.

Sky revisit

- nice open expanses, big wide shots.
- medium to long shots.
Lead character -----
- his name will have something to do with air, wind, sky, birds.
- 18 year old bird catcher
- has a pet spider monkey.
- father is sick and bed ridden.
- catches birds to sell at market
- he has inherited his fathers hand made flying machine.
- fear of new technologies.
- ambitious, entrepreneur
- has a passion for the natural and especially the sky.
- still finding himself.
- wants to leave home and explore but is tied into looking after his father.
- his mother died when he was young she was crushed by a steam powered car that crashed into a wall.

The world-------
-lush green field and mountains with a small town near to the coast, but not on the coast.
-the worlds technologies are expanding in the realm of airships as freighters, but not as transport. freighters are smoky beasts of the sky polluting the world.
- world is full of bright animals.
- hunters are still key along with farming being the key to the towns survival.

super market veteran

- WW2 veteran goes shopping but believes he is still at war.
- he invades the supermaket D-day style via a bus as a landing craft and using the aisles as trenches.
- throwing tin cans and produce as grenades and using his walking stick as a rifle.
- the viewer is given continuous flashbacks between the present day supermarket and the age old battlefields - seemless visual similarities.
- flashbacks show his antics in the current world and his struggle in the past.
- ends with him being shot at war and results in him having a heart attack in the present day.

Bird table

- bird table with food on it and an animal struggling to get to the top.
- two animals are fighting for the food up on top.
- individually they are unsuccessful but then they work together and they manage to reach the top together.
- when they reach the top there is a fat pigeon staring at them head cocked , examining the weird occurance.
-one of the animals squares up to the pigeon and pokes him in the eye. pigeon dances around holding his eye.
- the 2 animals make their way to the food when the pigeon charges at both of them causing all 3 of them to fall from the table.


- a black and white world- sparse virtually nothing around.
- we find ourselves with a male (young) character on his hover bike steaming through the vast emptiness until he notices a female character on her own on a bench!
- male skids to a stop in a cloud of smoke, and as such first encounters begin.
- the awkward shuffling along the bench towards each other male more interested than the female.
- a black storm cloud is on the horizon and gaining turning the world to black.
- they both get on the hover bike, female rather reluctant at first, then the chase ensues with the cloud wiping out the light from the environment.
- they speed along dodging rocks and trees but then the boy turns to view the cloud which is steadily upon them, in doing so he hits a small bump which causes both characters to be thrown from the hover bike.
- they are separated at first but they run to each other embracing just as the cloud envelops them.
- as they are enveloped their embrace causes a bright white light and the storm dissipates in the wake of their emotions.
- the characters are left standing in their bright occlusion landscape.
i am robot

so this idea is of an inventor, tony stark style, who is working on a new project but the old project is getting jealous and keeps interrupting him and trying to get his attention, very disruptive yet very playful

- revisit...
- inventor is working on a new project at his desk whilst an old project gets jealous.
- old project keeps trying to get his attention but the inventor is too focussed on his new one.
- robot repeatedly hits the inventor and causes chaos but that just gets the robot banished to tidying up.
- whilst tidying the robot finds the key part that will make the new invention work.
- he is about to throw it away when he sees a photo of him and the inventor together years ago.
- this causes the robot to produce the part to the inventor.
- new invention built.... it winds in to motion and....... lets out a wail and then falls apart.
- inventor turns back to the robot realises what he has already smiles, sighs and grabs a beer with his robot pal.

- bloke is being hounded by a bird all day long.
- bloke needs to use the toilet but the bird is always there watching him.
- as such the bloke cannot go to the toilet whilst the bird is watching.
- bloke keeps shutting the bird out but it keeps coming back out of curiosity.
- the man ends up smashing half his bathroom apart trying to shut out the bird and as a result he craps his pants.


hey guys, nice vids fahran i had an idea of a guy in a flying contraption with a small supporting character as they fly around trying to catch birds with a hand net, which would then be put in cages that would hang from the vehicle. the bloke scrapes to make enough money to live but loves the sky and his pet(supporting character). anyway they are failing to catch anything but then there is a beastly roar and our characters make haste to get out of the way of a behemoth of a flying giant. which the guy decides will make him a lot of money, so they throw away the net pull a lever to unfold some bitching wings on the vehicle and possible engines as well. then the chase ensues. sky chase - has to have close encounters with the beasts tail nearly destroying the vehicle, also the companion will fall and need to be rescued mid fall. gets to the point where our lead has jumped from the his vehicle on to the back of the beast and is holding on for life. all he has is a rope and a knife--- manages to climb his way to the beasts head. is ready to plunge the knife into its head but cannot do it as he sees the look in the behemoths eye. the beast seeing its chance rolls and knocks the lead off of its back and he plunges to his death -- it is a really long way to fall so perhaps the guy can enjoy falling as he feels like he is flying - fade to black...

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