Wednesday, 22 December 2010

new beginnings

after a very long day of wrestling with my own thoughts i managed to spew my ideas on to A1 paper and sort them into some form of order.

after doing this i realised that the film was no longer my film it was an amalgamation of advice and ideas from various sources, where i was trying to please everyone's wishes for the film i ended up taking it completely away from where it should have been. i realise now how hard it is to take advice from people without letting it get in the way of the film.

i have come to a conclusion by going back to my original ideas and coming up with a simple yet effective narrative. in effect i am re-telling the story of samson and the lion, re-iterated everywhere eg 10000 bc sabre tooth bit.

i feel that this story will be tough but definitely achievable. but at the end of the day its mine and i wish to make it.

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